Yet Another DSLR Newbie - D5000 or D90

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Re: Yet Another DSLR Newbie - D5000 or D90

EKB wrote:

Is there anywhere that describes how the various scene modes work? In more detail than the manual's "Child Mode: Use for snapshots of children. Clothing and background details are vividly rendered, while skin tones remain soft and natural."

E.g. "Mode X opens up the aperture to give a shallow depth of field, and then tries to balance between ISO and shutter speed. It also tweaks the white balance for warmer colors. In addition..." (Or whatever the proper photographic description is of what the various scene modes are trying to do.)

Of course not. The type of person who would be concerned about those values wouldn't use Scenes!

You'll have to interpret the EXIF data if you want that level of detail.

Also, how well do the scene modes work with lenses other than the kit lens? How well does the scene-mode programming take into account which lens is attached?

I know that the scene modes work well...I don't know what affect lens type has on the modes.

Finally (for now), I had problems with even the D90 viewfinder when I tried it at the store: I wanted to mash my nose against the screens & buttons. But the D5000 was even worse that way. Is there any sort of eyecup or extender that you'd recommend for dealing with that problem? I'm nearsighted with thick glasses (double-digit negative diopters), and taking the glasses off to shoot is just not an option.

There are extenders but I don't use them so I can't recommend any. I use my right eye and twist my head slightly to the left. I prefer to have my face against the camera because it adds stability.


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