If I where an olympus manager...

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amigaoneit Junior Member • Posts: 47
If I where an olympus manager...

what would i do?
let's play this game, i start.

i think that olympus has all the elements to do a good job in the coming months.

let's face it the do have a nice share in m4/3 and do have a reputation in that segment. possibly this could bring the cash for R&D.

where they are lacking is in the dsrl field.

although for many the e-5 is a disappointment in terms of features specs, if they are wise they could sell tons of them and at the same time give new life to the dsrl market. how?

I think that the e-5 has been wisely produced containing costs, so why don't let the consumer partecipate to this cost savings?

based on the overall system olympus could have two very strong selling points.

1) the renown quality of their lenses
2) price

afterall if e-5 IQ would turn out to be decent with the follwing scenario they could easily be o competitive player.

1) E-5 USD 1.000
2) E-50 USD 700
3) E-5000 (just to keep the 5 series) USD 500

and it can be made, afterall they already have the bodies (no need to change the form factors of current lines) and the technology.

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