How to make LR3 convert .erf files better [Epson R-D1s]?

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How to make LR3 convert .erf files better [Epson R-D1s]?

After testing LR3 I have re-evaluated my policy for converting two of the three different raw-formats I use: .nef, .x3f and .erf.

With the camera calibration beta 2 features for .nef files I cannot [others may] see any difference between Capture NX2 output and that of LR3 .

And while Sigma’s Photo Pro might still have a slight edge on absolute quality for .x3f files, LR3 has a definite advantage in minimizing (almost eliminating) the green cast problem of high ISO .x3f files. That is one very impressive result.

But for the .erf files there is no marked improvement in LR3 over LR2 and the difference between PhotoRAW and LR3 is almost unbelievable and not to LR3’s advantage.

I have tried all possible combinations of process (2003, 2010), profiles (ACR 2.4, 4.4 and Adobe standard) and color space on direct import of raw-files (both .erf directly and - in mild desperation - .erf converted to .dng) as well as all different combinations of .tiff and .jpegs (size and bit) imports via initial conversion in PhotoRAW and nothing in LR3 comes even close.

The .erf files in PhotoRAW have a certain look to them [a combination of a 3D effect and a brilliance that reminds me of a high quality film transparancy] which somehow defies the small sensor size. Although it is possible to use PhotoRAW as an editor from within LR, even the imported .tiff files do not have the same brilliance/3D effect

And I would so much like to standardize on one software only.

I am a novice in LR3 so I would appreciate it very much if anybody either:
1) has a magic setting that imitates the PhotoRAW output or

2) could disclose what settings they are using "in general" when converting .erf files in LR3 (or LR2 for that matter) or
3) has managed to make their own camera profile

All input much appreciated and no, I am not going to buy an M9 instead

Thanks in advance

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