Canon 60D was never intended to be an upgrade of the 50D

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Canon 60D was never intended to be an upgrade of the 50D

I keep reading threads here on the forum with people complaining about the 60D not being an appropriate upgrade from the 50D, than the 60D and that it is just a 550D on steroids.

I don't personally think a company like Canon would have come this far if they listen to these kind of people who don’t know anything about marketing and what a target consumer is to be able to profitably sell a product.

Canon knows that it has many 400D, 450D and 500D users out there who have had the camera for years and now are considering to go up the ladder (Upgrade) to the XXD models.

The XXXD users prior to 550D have:

1) Have Invested in a few Canon lenses that they would like to keep using on the new camera.
2) Are used to hold a plastic light body
3) Will be pleased with the significant jump form XXXD prior to 550D to the 60D

These are the targeted consumers who Canon was after with the 60D not the 50D users.

The 60D was never planned to target the 30D 40D 50D users, for them the 7D Crop or 5D FF was the obvious next step up, depending on what kind of photos they do and the budget they bring along.

This whole discussion of 60D not worthy of being a 50D successor is just hot air.

An upgrade is a significant step up from where you stand now and not a shuffle on the same level.

The 60D is exactly this for the targeted consumer, the XXXD prior to 550D users, a significant UPGRADE!

(Ok ranters this thread is now open for bashing)

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