7D: Mirror lock-up (once or multiple exposures)

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Re: 7D: Mirror lock-up (once or multiple exposures)

If you scroll through to Custom Function III by pressing the menu button then toggling to the second to last Orange colored icon, scroll down to C.Fn AutoFocus/Drive. Once in that menu, scroll to #13. There you can ENABLE or DISABLE Mirror Lockup. Push the center SET button on the large wheel on the back of the camera to highlight either then choose the SET button for selection. A better faster way for access purposes is to use the C1, C2 or C3 buttons. Here's what I did for shooting Moon photos: Put camera on Manual. Choose your settings by pushing the INFO button on the back of the camera and then the Q button to make selections for your custom choices. Note: It is important that the camera be set to ONE SHOT and SINGLE SHOOTING for starting positions. Now, turn the EXPOSURE DIAL wheel to C1 on top left of camera, Press the Menu button and navigate to icon before Custom Functions (3rd yellow wrench), Scroll down to Camera User Setting, (hopefully you have left the Mirror Lock on ENABLED), then choose the SET button. While on REGISTER push the SET button again. You have now chosen specific settings for a specific scene that also Lock the Mirror. If you have not used this feature before the camera will lock the mirror on first press of the shutter release button when you go to take a photo though no snapshot is taken. Only the second press will take the photo. Ideally, this feature is generally used for slow shutter speeds so if using cable same would be true on release. it will require 2 pushes of trigger. If you use the timer feature only the 2 second timer will work, not the 10 second. I keep my Mirror Lock Disabled and enable it by putting the camera on C1 - much faster. Hope this helps



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