Moving from Canon to Olympus

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Moving from Canon to Olympus

Can't afford E-5 (or E-3), so I'm focusing on what I can.

I am selling off an entry-level Canon kit and moving to Olympus instead of upgrading within the Canon stable. I would like you all to tell me why you think I should or should not do this. Here is my reasoning:

Currently: I have a Canon Xsi with an 18-135mm lens (my first DSLR).
Was saving up for an EF 70-300 IS USM to support my primary interest - birding.

After Canon's EF 70-300L IS USM announcement, I realized that if I wanted quality, affordable glass with a reasonable upgrade path, I would be better off looking elsewhere. Convinced that Canon is not for me, I reviewed all DSLR tele-zooms on the market. Until that point, I had never even visited the Olympus website (a testament to Canon's marketing and Oly's lack of it in comparison).

After extensive reading and research, it comes down to two points: Zuiko glass and 2x effective focal length on a 4/3 body.

My planned Olympus kit:

  • E-620 (instead of E-30, savings towards lens)

  • 14-42mm kit lens

  • 50-200mm SWD

upgrade path:

  • EC-14 teleconverter

  • 12-60mm SWD

  • body upgrade when i out-grow the E-620

I came to this conclusion after weighing all available options and realizing that:
1. I don't want to do machine gun photography (so, 5 fps is reasonably good)
2. I don't expect to be making large prints (so, 12.3 MP is great)

3. With f2.8-3.5, light gathered will be good and don't expect to use 800+ ISO often.

Therefore, I cannot justify working towards an 'L' lens and a 7D.

When I need to upgrade a body in some years, let's see where the E-system is at that time and decide then. The lenses sure won't get any less sharp.
IMHO, Olympus offers the best kit for someone in my position.
Comments, suggestions and advice welcome.

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