[RUMOR] Pictures of the D7000 + 35mm 1.4 + SB-700 + 200mm 2.0 VRII

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Re: cross-type points

rhlpetrus wrote:

I doubt they would have a new 39 points AF with only one cross-type. At least the central area will have more points of that type.

binary_eye wrote:

theNEOone wrote:

Magnesium body and 39-pt AF confirmed!!!!

I could be 101-point but, as far as I'm concerned, if there is still only one cross-type, it's no improvement over the 11-point AF (or the 51-point, for that matter).

I believe the AF configuration in the D7000 will be as on the D300(s) and the FX bodies: the 15 central AF points are cross type and the rest is non cross sensitive. The difference between the 39 and the 51 point systems should therefore be mostly in the coverage outside of the central 15 cross sensitive points. The D7000 only has 4x4 points on each side where the 51 point AF module has 5x3 + 3x1 on each side. For the D7000 this means 6 fewer points on each side and supposedly a little worse coverage in the landscape shooting mode.


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