[RUMOR] Pictures of the D7000 + 35mm 1.4 + SB-700 + 200mm 2.0 VRII

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Re: [RUMOR] Pictures of the D7000 + 35mm 1.4 + SB-700 + 200mm 2.0 VRII

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I am a bit dissapointed with the design. I think it looks like an uglified d90. Given the d7000 name and the rumored spec's I was expectig a totally new body, like in the case of the Canon 60d, but better. It's a bit ironic as the d60 got a totally new body although not really suggested by the name.

Hoping it's a fake.

BR Mats

This is a totally new body. Funny you should raise the 60D, when the first photo's of that came out I could tell by the fit and finish it was plastic. I roundly lampooned for daring to suggest such a thing. This one is metal.

I was almost killed and burned at the Canon forums for saying that the 60D was more like a downgrade from the 50D than an upgrade.

Yeah, the strange thing is the 60D is like an updated D90 and the D7000 is like an updated 50D. Looks like they both simultaneously decided the other was doing it right.

If the specs I'm reading about on NR are right, I decided to switch to Nikon. I will still keep 2 lenses from Canon, and maybe purchase a t2i as a backup but my main camera (40D) is gone, so I wanted a better 50D. It didn't happen, so it seems that Nikon picked up the ball that Canon dropped.

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