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Re: Its no different anywhere else

timhughes666 wrote:

Just check out the Canon 60D whinging threads when that was announced! A match for any Olympus threads anyday .

I think the reason is much the same. Canon took a hard headed decision to realign their product range, moving the xxD downmarket. There were very good marketing reasons for that decision, but it didn't leave the those who thought Canon's business plan was based on providing them with exactly the camera they thought they wanted very happy. Likewise, Olympus has taken a hard headed decision to concentrate on μFT for excellent business reasons. Concentrating resources on overcoming Nikon or Canon in DSLR's will just distract from the main plan, so they keep faith with DSLR users by transferring the best they have in μFT to the DSLR's. But don't expect much in the way of brand new just for DSLR technology.

Irs all part of the game. In a few months it will be how great the E5 is etc etc . I think the E5 was way too overhyped it was never going to be more than a small upgrade and people ecpected too much .

Exactly, and that's partially because of the kind of people who buy Olympus. They buy it because it's different and innovative, and a 'me too' camera doesn't fit that agenda. However, it's what the business can provide at this point.

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