[RUMOR] Pictures of the D7000 + 35mm 1.4 + SB-700 + 200mm 2.0 VRII

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Re: Could someone tell me what this is

CarlosNunezUSA wrote:

Danel wrote:

If so, then that's a shame. Once you have used a camera with an articulated LCD you really miss it when you use a camera without one.

CarlosNunezUSA wrote:

Paul H1 wrote:

was hoping for a twist & tilt lcd, so hope these are fake

For what I heard so far, there will be no articulate lcd.

I understand the idea of the articulate screen. In my particular case, the very first time I went out with a video camera with articulate screen the LCD came back broken (hanging by the cables), it was my fault for not beign more careful but I feel uneasy when I have that kind of screen. Now, it has advantages, for taking shoots at different angles, in the middle of a crowd, etc.

Sorry to hear that, but no you probably cannot buy a video camera without an flip-out LCD. I doubt the photos are fake.

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