Are the lenses for digital cameras really slow?

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Re: Who wants m4/3? Apparently a lot of people.


You seem to touch the one thing that might kill the micro 4/3 th.
i wonder what their market is;

a pro or a pro-amateur buys a dslr, crop factor of these sensors is simply much better than a m4/3.

Since I own both a crop sensor DSLR and m4/3 I guess I'm in their target market

When you talk about an entire class of cameras you can't narrow down a single target market. Individual cameras and lenses have more specific target markets. Still... there was an initial marketing push to get the word out. Initially m4/3 marketing seemed to be going after those who want an interchangeable lens camera but think DSLRs are too big and too complex. The problem with that approach is that there are entry level DSLR cameras that are cheaper and less complicated than many of the m4/3 cameras. That said there are many people who have moved up from compact P&S or bridge cameras to m4/3.

To me it seems like the market that really took off for m4/3 has been the pro and pro-amateur folks who want a m4/3 camera to carry when they don't want to lug their DSLR around. On the m4/3 forum there are even some advanced amateurs who have sold off their DSLR gear and completely switched to m4/3, but for most of us m4/3 and DSLR are simply complimentary systems. My attraction to the GF1, besides it being small enough for me to carry every day, is that it is extremely well designed for advanced photographers who like a high degree of manual control. No it doesn't have the manual switches and dials of my DSLR, but it does have a well thought out interface that seems like it was designed by someone who actually takes photos.

I'm sure that Sony NEX and Samsung will attract more pros, but Sony really needs to work on the interface. The new Samsung looks interesting, but the reviews of the NX10 still made the GF1 a much more attractive camera to me. Both need more lenses. M4/3 has a jump on them there. Which crop factor makes the most sense depends on what you want to do. For wildlife a 2x crop factor can mean going for a hike with a shorter and lighter telephoto lens. While it depends on the lenses I select for a given shoot or trip, my m4/3 kit is usually quite a bit lighter and more compact than my comparable DSLR kit.

To get on the same level with a dslr, a m4/3 needs a lens that is roughly 60 % faster, but such a lens is probably factors more expensive.

I'm not sure whether you are referring to overall low light capability (needing a faster lens so you can shoot at a lower ISO) or in terms of depth of field. Either way it depends on your goals as a photographer. A lot of photographers just don't need to shoot high ISO very often. Some practically never do. The depth of field thing is a pro and a con. At the telephoto end it is easy to get plenty of background blur with m4/3, but at wider angles larger sensors can achieve less DOF and more blur because you can use a longer focal length to achieve the same field of view. On the other hand the additional DOF you get from m4/3's shorter lenses can mean it is easier to get more DOF when you need it. That's great if you like to shoot handheld landscapes. Really though...there isn't that much difference between m4/3 and APS-C. I use both together all the time. Full Frame is another story. Big difference there.

so again, what is the market for m4/3; small body, smaller sensor, so i think its for the pXs market who wants to make a better pic now and than, but to make better pics, you will have to buy much more expensive lenses.

So i do not understand the combination of buying a 600 usd m4/3, combined with a lens of 1000 usd.

As someone who owns both an APS-C DSLR and m4/3 gear I would advise someone to look at the entire system they see themselves building up in the next several years... as far down the line as they can imagine. Then you can get a better idea of what each system will cost and weigh. In some cases the lens you want may not even be available on m4/3, Sony Nex, or Samsung NX... unless you use an adapter and give up autofocus. But for a lot of folks you can build a m4/3 kit for the same or less as a comparable APS-C DSLR kit.

I do not yet own any $1,000 m4/3 lenses. I would like the 7-14mm that does cost close to $1,000, but so does Nikon's 12-24mm. DSLR shooters have the advantage of having less expensive lenses available from Tamron, Sigma, and Tokina. Most m4/3 lenses are well under $500. I do have three m4/3 lenses with a combined cost that is still under $1,000 and with the GF1 that's less than $1,500 for the whole kit. Plus I use several of my DSLR lenses on the GF1 as well, which makes it a great compliment to the gear I already own.

Than again, a pro amateur wants faster lenses to get the best out of its FF or 1.6 crop or 1.5 crop sensor, and that is simply impossible with a m4/3.

Not sure what you mean here. There are a number of fast lenses native to m4/3, and quite a lot of other lenses you can adapt. One of my most used lenses on m4/3 is a Nikon 50mm f/1.8. What you don't get with m4/3 are fast zooms, which tend to be heavy and expensive. I own two f/2.8 zooms for my DSLR, and while I love those lenses I hate carrying them around.

So if you ask me; i can't see the market for a m4/3, my idea; its a hype.

A lot of m4/3 shooters would beg to differ

For me it makes far more sense than my DSLR for much of what I shoot. Nowadays I consider my DSLR to be for specialty type shots, and m4/3 to be what I carry on a daily basis and it's now my go-to system. This is especially true now that I'm a new parent and I have a lot of other stuff to carry around besides camera gear. For me m4/3 is the ideal parent camera: Great for available light shots of children, easy to carry, excellent video capability, easier than a DSLR to hand to someone else when you want to be in the picture with your child, etc.

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