Nikon VS Canon 28-300mm - any comparison shots out there?

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Re: Nikon VS Canon 28-300mm - any comparison shots out there?

jenella wrote:

Has anyone seen any comparisons between the canon $2,400 lens and the nikon? That would be very interesting. I will be curious to read Thom Hogan or Ken rockwell reviews and comps. I certainly dont put a lot of faith in KR though.

They're not even remotely comparable (disclaimer : i vote for the nikon one.)

Let's do a N v. C comparison :

FL : 28-300 mm (identical)
Coverage : FX (identical)
Diameter at Filter : 77mm (identical)
Aperture : 3.5-5.6 (identical)

Weight : 800g vs. 1670g (50% lighter, Nikon wins by farrrrrrrrrr)
Length : 4.5" vs. 7.2" (1/3 shorter)

Zoom Style : Zoom-ring vs. Push-pull (of course nikon wins here, PP is from the bygone era)
Price : $1050 vs. $2420 (i can buy 2 of the Nikons and have change to spare)

Unless someone can show me why the Canon is any good, I'd say Nikon on this one. For that kind of price difference and the freaking L designation, i would've expected more like 28-300mm f/4 constant.

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