21 Mpix vs 12 Mpix - Can you spot the difference?

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21 Mpix vs 12 Mpix - Can you spot the difference?


I was reading comments about new E-5 and its "low" resolution sensor, etc. - and I wanted to share something with you all.

I had a chance to shoot side-by-side FF camera and m4/3 camera (which supposedly has the same sensor as new E-5).

This is a different approach to comparing two systems, but it is based on every day use, and I tried to be as neautral as possible.

In this comparison I used E-P2 with 17 2.8 lens and 5DmkII with 35 1.4L - JPGs straight out of camera (no RAW files were used). E-P2 shot was wide open at f2.8 ISO 200, and 5DmkII shot was taken at f5.6 ISO 100. 5DmkII shot was then cropped to fit 4/3 ratio.

I prepared a series of different image sizes, starting from 320x240 and ending at 100% crops. With each resize, the same amount of sharpening was applied to both images to keep the same look and feel of original photo. Also, all JPGs were created with same compression settings and were optimized for Web.

The last couple of photos in series are 100% crops of original images.

I know it is not perfect, but it never intended to be. I hope you all will have fun going through different

It is a different approach, I hope some of you will like it.

So, let's see when you will be able to spot high-end system from "old" 12 Mpix (E-P2 kit).

Try to guess which is which?

Best regards,

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