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K-x is wonderful for music videos

Was kinda dumb for my first serious attempt at anything other than a couple of seconds in the day time to try this.

I have spent the weekend shooting the local Jazz and blues festival.

Naturally my computer blew up on Friday night and was not fixed until today, so I have lost around 1000 of the 2000 plus photos I took....some would have been rubbish but some would have been ok (and many would have been duplicates etc....still annoying....I still have around 700-800 to go through this week).

Anyway, I thought I would try for a video of Australian legends Spectrum and their classic "I'll be gone". This is a fairly short song and so I tried for it Saturday....I was using a Zoom stereo recorder and the K-x....I stuffed up with the zoom and I did not have the K-x set right, so I got the video...rested the camera with my Tamron 17-35 2.8-4 auto focused with live view on the spot I wanted it, and let it run....I got the whole song but I did not have the iso high enough and I think I had it set for 5.6.....the result is a very dark video with great (mono) sound and the band does the work.....I could only see the front three though...no drummer.

Sundays gig (all the bands....something like 65 of them, played one hour slots at seven venues at three locations...some played three or four slots)....anyway for the Sunday slot, I thought I would try again...AGAIN I stuffed up the audio...this time I had a table and just sat the camera on that in a place where I could see all four.....I upped the iso and had the camera set to 2.8...did the same...autofocused it in place with live view....the result......a great video again with mono sound BUT, the middle bit is missing because the camera overheated due to my rapid shooting just before I think.

OK, so I do not have anything useable but I learned the following.....

For live music videos where you are just recording a band, the K-x and a stereo audio recorder like a cheap zoom H2 is great BUT....you have to start the sound recorder first or have someone else do it....and just not worry (I got audio without video for a couple of other tunes during the festival and it is pretty good....keep the camera awaya when doing this though or you will hear every click).
you have to be confident in what you are doing and not over heat the camera.

You have to trust the camera with high iso and use a lens with a aperture ring and shoot fairly wide....guess I should have practiced first.....

Oh and Spectrum are still wonderful....all these years later.

I was too busy trying to shoot the stills for the festival and worried about not enough memory cards as it was....this video was just a want to try but I WILL be doing it again when I can for some half decent bands (when I do not have to try and shoot so many Jazz and Blues bands and punters etc).

Wonder what will go wrong next year??...last year my K100d blew up not too long before the festival, this year my PC....even with the loss of so many deleted to fit others, I am still very happy with what I got (stills) and can see the potential (video).



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