More E5 information from Jason...

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I'm sure he's a nice guy...

stimmer wrote:

I don't know if it's true but if so it sounds great. It actually sounds reasonable. I asked him to talk about the E5 a little more, and here's what he replied:

JasonSeptember 9, 2010 | Reply It will be revolutionary in many ways… It will rejuvenate the FourThirds system.

... but this seems unlikely.

Excellent video,


perfect glass optical viewfinder,

Same as E-30.

remote flash control (without the need to pop-up the flash),


horizon indicator,

Same as E-30

low noise,


high dynamic range,

HDR mode yes. Otherwise, unlikely.

multi-aspect ratio 16:9, 4:3 3:2 and 1:1,


magnesium and titanium body (for lightness, strength and water-resistance), durable shutter,

Same as E-3

very unique sensor design,


super high-res OLED 3.5″ articulating screen,


6 stops of built in image stability,

No. 5 stops.

1080p/720p up to 60 frames AVCHD,

No, just 720p

super fast Live vIew autofocus – like GF1/GH1,

Unlikely. Not mentioned at all in the announcement.

dual memory slots SD and Compact – with custom write functions,
more intuitive pro interface/layout on back and top of camera,

Debatable. New interface looks less intuitive.

studio Liveview for direct connect to computer


…..and last but not least – free pack of stickers that says “My Oly crushes your Canikon!!!”

That one I can believe

I'd say the 4/3 rumor admins were a lot closer to the truth than 'Jason'.

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