So, a K5 is spected out K7... What will a K3 be ??

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Re: So, a K5 is spected out K7... What will a K3 be ??

LKeithR wrote:

DNG2 wrote:

The K5 seems to what everyone wanted in the K7.
So, following the numeric progression, the K3 will be ???

Well, let's see, then...

  • Built in Power Grip, instead of an add on

No, makes the camera too bulky and defeats the purpose of buying a Pentax...

Then a built in Vertical Release

  • 8FPS

OK, more than enough...

Well, for the sports fans, Speed raises the odds of a keeper

  • 45 AF points


Most high end DSLR have in upwards of 45 AF Points, it allows really accurate tracking for sports

  • ISO 50-64,000 (no boosting) 125,000 with boosting


Possibly, Then Real clean/detailed ISO 3200 in a APS-C sensor

  • 100% Pentaprism VF

Very nice...

  • 3.5" LCD that swivels and tilts

Fine without the swivel and tilt...

It can be a great help in some situations... Not Needed, but, it has advantages at times.

  • Live View


  • IR -In Camera- Night Focusing for AF (up to 20 feet)

Take it or leave it...

  • 100 shoot RAW buffer

Probably overkill but not an issue...

If shooting an event where it's better to take 10-20 images as fast as you can, and be ready for another 10-20 instantly.... could be a option that would get the money shot for your boss.

  • 1/16,000 top shutter speed

Probably overkill

  • WiFi Multiple Flash, Tethering, and Remote release


  • PC Flash socket


  • NO on board flash


MSRP = $1,600.00
Street after a few months on the road $1,400.00

Probably too cheap...

Yeah, maybe $2K to $2.3k

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Look at the picture, not the pixels...

I really specked it as a "PRO" APS-C model. And as such, it would need to suit the PRO Sports photographers with certain "Most Have" functions. If, Pentax wanted to break into that Pro market. Which, they probably won't...
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