550 D vs 50 D Af speed, can you help me?

Started Sep 13, 2010 | Discussions thread
OP subhrashis Forum Member • Posts: 66
Thanks for the helpful inputs!

I am not worried about video, we also have the D5000, and have taken less than 10 video clips throughr 16k stills. Also mom uses a hd camcorder....

The D7000 was something I've considered very closely, (and drooled over!) but i dont think it'd work because there isn't any Nikon lens alternative to back it up.

So currently, our long term plan is something like a standard zoom on D5000 for near end, and 100-400 IS on a canon body for the 'far end'. Obviously the 100-400 must wait for long, until then it's 70-300 vr on D5000, and a standard zoom on the canon body.

We may get the 50D befor it disappears, if we go for it... reading reviews now!

Another worry these reviews are giving me is high ISO noise. Seems like i'd have to be careful not to underexpose, expose 'well to right' and use raw.

So, with careful use, what'd be high ISO 'nice image' cutoffs for 50D?

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