Last weekend I've compared and tested LX5 vs S95

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Last weekend I've compared and tested LX5 vs S95

Last weekend I have tested and compared Canon S95 vs Panasonic LX5. Canon S95 is a neat camera, but it's pointless to compare it with the LX5. Canon S95 is a pretty small low light camera with a wonderful hardware & software interface. Panasonic LX5 is a much more complete camera, almost doubling S95 width when considering protruding lens, but has better construction and features.

Sorry, this comparison was intended for my own decision of what camera select. I've got almost 400 images between both of them but won't publish any images at all (just were test images in my own house and surroundings following my own criteria). I won't publish this post in Canon forum because don't want to fight with some Canon aggressive fanboys. I really liked Canon S95, but IMHO doesn't justify the price (here in Spain S95 & LX5 cost almost the same, about 420 €). If they ask me to pay 420 € for the Panny, for sure I won't pay more than 320 € for the Canon.

Canon S95: Smaller size compared with LX5, no lens cap, great controls (front and rear dial), excellent interface, vibrant and natural colors (but blow highlights a lot), high contrast screen (good visibility under bright sunlight but the image displayed is very different from what the camera is capturing and LCD low light really sucks - much better LX3/LX5 LCD screens regard LCD low light operation), can't choose AF point, very flimsy USB cover, just 1/1600" - 15" shutter speeds vs. 1/4000" - 60" in LX5, poor battery life (200 shots vs. 400 in LX5), very flimsy USB cover, camera operations seems slower compared with LX3/LX5.

Panasonic LX5: Much better construction, much better lens, better wide angle, better integrated flash, flash hotshoe, can use external viewfinder, much better AF, better stabilization, macro mode so much better, much better Auto-ISO where you can select min shutter speed, excellent Auto-ISO with motion detection when used in intelligent mode, better LCD screen, more and better user configurable film modes where can choose noise reduction level, 4 custom modes in LX5 (just 1 in S95), multi aspect ratios are smartly designed to get the best of sensor size (not just cropping for different frame aspects as S95), so much better video (30 fps in , can zoom and AF optically, more fluid and long videos due AVCHD lite, wonderful creative video modes, better MF with two levels of magnification and showing DOF in a MF scale (just dreaming my Nikon D90 could do that), 2.5 fps vs 0.9 fps in S95, + - 3EV exposure compensation, text stamp, title edit, leveling, audio dubbing ...

I see more or less the same noise level in both of them (depending on subject and light conditions). Used with Auto-ISO, S95 tries to select higher apertures increasing ISOs (doesn't matter you select "slow" ISO change mode). In general they both work well until ISO 400 for my taste.

Related to LX3/LX5 lens cap: Many of us used to attach a short waist strap to LX3 and Ricoh LC1 auto lens cap for use like a regular point & shot. When using LX3/LX5 in their original sense (hanging from your neck), the lens cap seems to be better (it protects the lens better than flimsy point & shot auto lens caps)

Remember this: Your Mileage May Vary. These are my two cents.

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