What do you believe the risk is that next gen "D700" wont have in body AF?

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Re: What do you believe the risk is that next gen "D700" wont have in body

egelist wrote:

My take:

D700 successor will definitely have motor.

New entry level FX (D400?) may not. If you believe the rumors about an entry level FX coming out at all (after all, they've just released a few more consumer-ish FX lenses).

No chance of that happening, not while the 10.5mm fisheye is still AF only. It is purpose designed for producing those 360 degree panoramas that estate agents love to use to sell houses.

The D300 outsells all the FX pro cameras put together. So there is really no chance of it being discontinued. Three years ago the top Nikon Camera was DX only. It will be a long time before the AF motor goes away in any of the Pro bodies and when it does, the D700 equivalent will probably lose the motor first since people who really need it can by the flagship body.

Scientific sales are not a big proportion of the overall Nikon line, but they are huge in the pro models. The D300 is used in speed camera traps round the world because it is one of the least expensive weather sealed bodies available (they also use the D3 series of course, but that adds to the price).

It is pretty clear that the AF motor will go away some day. But not for some time and certainly not until the whole of the lens lineup has been AFS for several years.

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