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Re: $300 Rebate on 3880...

benhasajeep wrote:

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Well I ordered Elements 7/ Premier7 for my wife. She likes Elements even though we already have PS4 and Lightroom 2. Since there was a nice rebate I decided to upgrade her from Elements 2 up to 7. Learning from PNY I did everything I was supposed too and taped the appropriate proof of purchase flap from the box and sent in the rebate. It was denied. They said it was missing the proof of purchase flap. Which I know I taped to the rebate form. I even called and the person helping me said they are looking at a scan of my form and the flap is not there! I copied everything and my copies shows the flap with the form. Either the person helping me was lying or someone removed the flap from the form!!!

May I suggest you should have followed this up with more vigour. Especially when you can get somebody on the telephone to discuss the matter. At the very least ask for a supervisor to explain the discrepancy to what they admit receiving and your photo copy records.

If they are uncooperative let them know that you will be sending your proof to the Attorney Gernal of their state or some similar regulatory body, including if necessary a small claims court.

As I mentioned earlier I faced this situation twice, and replied with a letter containing a copy of my copies of required documents with a brief note asking them to elaborate their point. Rebate cheques came in the mail shortly after.

Roy S

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