With both the 24 & 85 1.4 similarly priced which would you choose?

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Re: With both the 24 & 85 1.4 similarly priced which would you choose?

Jon Rty wrote:

How much kownledge do you have about flash-photography? Yes, it's a small difference, two stops in fact. As I said, ambient exposure can easily vary two stops between locations. He probably shot wide-open or very close to it, as otherwise he wouldn't have used HSS, as the shutter-speeds would've been in range.

He shot in one location that was bathed in sunlight. I've shot countless times in the open sun and my camera capped out at 1/8000s even at f4. Clearly he didn't shoot wide open and he certainly didn't shoot at f1.4, seeing as he wasn't using an f1.4 lens.

Crushing the ambient exposure? That's just another way of saying overpowering the sun. Do you know what factors affect the ambient-flash ratio? Shutter-speed and flash-output.

Shutter speed affects ambient exposure not flash exposure. The only affect speed has on flash power is due to the fact that flash devices like speedlights drop off in power significantly at high speeds.

Increasing or decreasing either the ISO or the aperture equally affects both the ambient and flash exposure, thus the only thing you're left with when trying to overpower, eg. "crush", is to either increase shutter-speeds, or to increase flash-output and decrease either ISO or aperture.

False. Aperture affects flash power, shutter speed affects ambient exposure. That's flash photogaphy 101.

And increasing the maximum sync-speed is exactly what HSS is all about. Filters are of course also a option. But the end result, outside of different DOF, and drastically better motion-stopping, will be the same.

What subject matter requires 1/8000s to stop the motion? Especially when the model happens to be sationary? No one seems to be able to explain that so far.

And please, don't lecture to me about how come photograhpers just might want to do it, because shooting at f1.4 into the sun wil exceed the DR of any DSLR.

Oh, and as I already said, he didn't move on. He still uses Speedlights.

I didn't deny he still uses them, but he has moved to using packs for obvious reasons. I already expained that there are practialities involved where speedlights are preferrable.

Check his blog, the last assignment on there was with Speedlights. He also has studio-flashes, but uses them only when he finds them appropriate.

Actually it's the other way around. He uses Speedlights when using studio flashes are impractical.

No, the Sunny 16 is a rule that says that F/16 and shutter-speed 1/100 gives you a correct exposure. The rule wouldn't mean much if it didn't specify which shutter-speed. Now, if you count down from that, you can use F/2 and 1/6400 for the same exposure, something, again, quite near to F/1.4 and 1/8000.

Quite near? You might want to revisit your math. 1/6400 at F2 means 1/12800 at f1.4, which interestingly, no DSLR's can manage.

No variables, lets say that you take the same portrait, once at F/1.4 and 1/8000, and the other with a ND4 and at F/1.4 1/2000. Do you believe that there would be e perceivable difference?

Probably not, seeing as 1/2000 will stop most action sequences.

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