The pricing ---- Pentax Kr k5 and Nikon d3100 d7000

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The pricing ---- Pentax Kr k5 and Nikon d3100 d7000

Hoya will be worse to fall down Pentax on the market

We have already seen that the Nikon d3100 is now 700 USD with 18-55mm NIKKOR VR, but the Pentax Kr is now 845 USD with 18-55.

And, Pentax Kr is actually like a Kx renamed, not a really new camera, and the HDMI port is still a missing, nor provide the AF micro-adjust. Kr is merely some peripheral got partially changed, and not the core components. In a same grade and pricing, Pentax needs to provide the more content than Nikon or Canon, and not less.

However, Nikon d3100 is really a new camera -- a new sensor and a wholly of a new developed item. Obviously, D3100 is a better player than Kr.

Purportedly, K5 will be pricing 1700 USD, but the Nikon D7000 (d95) is 1200 USD.

if K5 1700 USD vs d7000 1200 USD, I think that Pentax's extant clients would absolutely be the more folks switched to Nikon, Canon, -- Pentax's clients are already too few.

Especially after 2007, Pentax's share was degressive on the market,

In a same grade, Pentax needs a lower pricing to provide the more of helpful content than Nikon or Canon. But is not a turgid pricing, nor the multi-color shell or the Digital Filters. The multi-color shell is merely like a straw floating in the ocean.

Also, in Nikon side, more of lenses, accessories, would be easier your choice , and in future you can upgrade to professional/semi-pro grade, like a D300s, even is a D400, and D700, D800 etc....

D7000 and K5 both are not a semi-pro grade. In 135DSLR camera, Pentax is now unable to provide a semi-pro grade in the related equipment. Problems not only in the camera bodies.

Nowadays, Pentax's a turgid pricing policy and a worse layout have already been showing out, by Hoya.

Summarized, it foreshadows that Hoya will be worse to fall down Pentax on the market. Hoya CEO lacked the interest in the camera products, he has been trying to resell the Pentax camera section.

some compared:
Pentax K7 body
Retail Price: 1299.95 USD
Street Price: 1048.64 USD
Date Available: 2009-07-15

Pentax K10d body
Retail Price: 999.95 USD
Street Price: 788.89 USD
Date Available: 2006-11-30

Pentax Kr Body+18-55
Retail Price: 849.95 USD
Street Price: unknown
Date Available: 2010-10-15

Pentax K5 body
will be launched on 1700 USD.

Nikon d3100 body+18-55VR
Retail Price: 699.95 USD
Street Price: unknown
Date Available: 2010-09-15

Nikon d7000 body
will be launched on 1200USD.

Nikon d300s body
Retail Price: 1799.95 USD
Street Price: 1546.40 USD
Date Available: 2009-08-31

Canon Eos7d body
Retail Price: 1699.00 USD
Street Price: 1581.28 USD
Date Available: 2009-09-30

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