E-5 Article on Zone-10

Started Sep 11, 2010 | Discussions thread
stimmer Veteran Member • Posts: 5,140
Ha...They won't listen to a hack like me...:)

They got 90+ years as a company, I figure they know what they are doing.

I certainly think they will make some DSLR's until they get the micro world perfected. I think they have even been quoted to that extent.

But I really do think they should listen and take notes from some of the pro photographers they have left. We're likely to be the ones who spend the most money, and will also spend money on micro products as well.

The one thing they have over almost everyone is jpg image quality. It's a funny thing because image quality doesn't show up on a spec sheet. It's very hard to market. Kind of like those beautiful E1 photos I see from time to time. You couldn't technically say exactly why they look better, they just do. So I think Olympus has a hard time marketing their very strength.

The other companies can just slap a huge sensor and say we have ISO 120,000 and call it a day. JPG quality? Who cares they say. Just shoot RAW and let adobe fix all of our issues.

Sorry for being so wordy. Just having some late night boredom.

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