Storage: the next step for me

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Storage: the next step for me

This has probably been debated to death, but here goes.

I started out last year by putting all my photos on a 320gb external hard drive as I shoot them, capacity is OK for now.

The quality of my work and word of mouth advertising have taken my photography WAY beyond what I ever expected.

My biggest concern at this time is security. I have, among other things, three sets of wedding pictures on this hard drive, and I try not to think about losing them while I am trying to fall asleep at night.

I still have the CF cards, used once, and I burn each one to disc when it gets full. I also backup the hard drive to disc on the first of each month. Backup discs are kept in a fireproof safe.

I am leaning toward a second hard drive, just for backup. Most likely two, one here and one in a safety deposit box, rotated out monthly.

Looking for recommendations on brands and models. Also programs to run the backup.

A close friend just lost everything he has shot in the last 15 years when his external drive crashed, and I am going to do everything I can to keep this from happening to me.

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