Canon 50d is looking better already, sad 60d lost udma CF card support

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Real Life Speed of SD vs CF is a BIG

Always some stupid SD fanboys quoting some futuristic spec that isn't available today. The 2tb and 104mb/s is theortical. Camera also need to have an extra pin and that specification isn't finalized yet. You cannot buy a SDXC card that support 104mb/s today since they do not exit, but you can buy a real world 600x CF tested at 90mb/s TODAY!

For the record: both Compact Flash and SDXC claim futuristic speed of 300mb/s. But Compact Flash technology already exist today (SAT - serial ATA). The current Compact Flash on the market utilized the familiar ( PATA - parrelel ATA) technology that tops out at 133mb/s theoritcal with 600x, 92mb/s in real world. The propose CFAST (sata) allow it to tap into 300mb/s like the HD in your common computer.

Toms Hardware just wrote a complete CF and SD card review with the latest and the newest card on the market. Take a look:

In TODAY REAL WORLD (not future wet dream). CF enjoy a tremendous 90 mb/s vs SD slower 27mb/s in Reading, and 82 mb/s vs SD slower 25 mb/s in writing. Take a closer look at the (RED CHART) = Average Sustain Speed is far more important than a brief Burst Speed for taking 1080p HD video.

Compact Flash Sustained READING stunning 92mb/s

SDHC sustained READING - noticed most SD cannot exceed 20mb/s

Compact Flash Sustained WRITING

SDHC sustained WRITING - noticed most SD cannot exceed 19mb/s


  • The Fastest card for Canon 60d write at 24.7mb/s

  • The Fastest card for Canon 7D/50d write at 82mb/s

The speed gap is too big. Making it worst is how much canon has reduced the JPEG frame buffer for sports shooting

  • Canon 60d buffer = 58 jpeg / 5.3 fps

  • Canon 50d buffer = 90 jpeg / 6.3 fps

Canon XXd lines used to be a great sports shooter. Canon 60d doesn't make the cut. Combination of low frame buffers + slower SD card kills it.

Photog23 wrote:

davel33 wrote:

"Storage SD, SDHC, SDXC cards " from the review here
Maybe you should check out just what SDXC is
2TB and 104 MBS

The 60D only writes up to Speed Class 10 (even if you use an UHS-1 card). Speed Class 10 writes a maximum of 10 MB/s to 20MB/s. The 50D supports up to UDMA-6 compact flash, which writes up to 133MB/s.

The real life write speed is going to be lower with both types of cards, but the write speed of the compact flash will still be much higher.

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