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Re: Which lens will it work with?

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Duncan... Which lens will it work with?

I use mine with a Tamron 90 mm f/2.8 macro, but it should fit any lens with a moderate-sized barrel. The opening isn't big enough for the 77mm thread size on my 70-200 though.

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Duncan C

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It may just be variations in the size but how do you get it to stay on your Tamron 90mm f2.8? Mine just spins on the lens barrel because the opening it to big and it doesn't stretch enough to fit on the lens hood. I've also tried to get it to stay on the bayonet part of the lens but it's too thin and the slightest movement causes it to fall of. I guess I'll try gaffer tape next.

By the way it's a little tough but it does fit my Sigma 150mm f2.8.


Sorry, I missed your question until now.

What I did was to hot glue a scrap of bicycle inner tube into the inside of the diffuser.

To attach it, I wrapped wax paper around my lens. I cut a scrap of inner tube to size and stretched it around the lens barrel, at the point where the lens hood attaches. I used a couple of patches of sticky velcro to attach the edges together. I then carefully put the diffuser on over the inner tube, and squirted small blobs of hot glue in the space between the diffuser and the inner tube at regular intervals.

If you can find a wide elastic band the right size it would probably work even better. I couldn't find one the right size, so I improvised.

Here's a picture of the finished result:

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Duncan C

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