Sony SLT-A33 out now in Australia, A-55 to follow

Started Sep 10, 2010 | Discussions thread
rinkos Senior Member • Posts: 2,227
Re: Sony SLT-A33 out now in Australia, A-55 to follow

where exactly do you get them from at this uncle goes to china all the time....maybe he can hop over there.

kYing wrote:

Just a rant of an observation, but it seems like the States are getting their "new" toys later and later for each new release. They've had the A33 and A55 here in China for a week or so already, and an A33 body runs $588 USD while the A55 body goes for $713 USD (which is unusual since electronics are usually MORE expensive here). Good thing I extended my stay here else I would've been back in the land of the free waiting forever for the camera, and paying much more :).

$1160USD for just the A33 body is just plain ridongkulous; you can buy 2 A33s here for that!

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