K7 front dial and shutter speed

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Re: K7 front dial and shutter speed

Ed Woodson wrote:

viking79 wrote:

Ed Woodson wrote:

I got my K7 about two months ago. I've suspected there was a problem somewhere as my shutter speed would change and leave me wondering if I had hit the dial somehow.

Today, while using the K7 in in"M" in my studio, I took a shot with flash and it worked. About 10 seconds later, I squeezed of another. No flash. when I looked at the LCD, shutter speed showed 3000. When I tried to move the wheel to change it back, it went to 1500, then 8000, then 750 and back to 3000. I guess I've either got a defective front dial or a defective something (not including between my ears), somewhere.

I bet you have the camera in bracketing mode. It will adjust the shutter speed automatically for you.


No, I thought I might have a strange setting somewhere. I did a "reset" on the camera to take it back to defaults. It still did the same thing.

Even if I did have it in bracketing mode. The shutter speed wouldn't jump from 1/750 to 1/3000 or 1/125 to 1/6000

Bracketing in manual does change the shutter between shots. For example if you have a setting of f/4, 1/250 and shoot a bracket of -1, 0, +1, depending on your camera settings one shot will be 1/250, the next 1/125, and the next 1/500. This can mess with your head as you wonder why the shutter speed is changing.

However, Reading your statement again, more carefully, it does sound like you have a glitchy wheel or something if it has flaky shutter speed when you rotate the wheel.

I'm going to ship it off for repair on Monday. Thank goodness I kept my K20D for a backup

Yeah, always good to keep a backup, especially while getting familiar with new gear.


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