What do you believe the risk is that next gen "D700" wont have in body AF?

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Hope Nikon will have two types of D800(?) -- with and without AF motor

RodluvanII wrote:

This might be a problem for those of us who uses a lot of AF-D lenses.
I've never seen this discussed.

(I posted similar text before, if you read that one, pls forgive me for double posting here as OP did not read my other post.)

Of course, Nikon will take care of old customers, so it is necessary to have D700 replacement(D800?) with AF motor. Meanwhile, if Nikon wants to expand, new users should not be ignored, either.

If I undersand correctly, most of, if not all of new Nikon lenses have AF motor inside of the lens and do not need AF motor on camera.

Since most of new users do not have old Nikon lens, when they buy D800(entry level FX body), they need buy lens as well. But, who would like to buy TWO duplicate AF motors on the lens and camera or carry those TWO motors at the same time? If D800 does not have non-AF motor body option, it seems that new D800 users will be forced to either buy TWO duplicate AF motors on both lens and camera or go to flea market/pawn shop to hunt for WWI Nikon lens(just kiding, only Leica had 35mm lens in that era).

On the other hand, based on current DSLR models from Nikon, no AF motor on the camera body could mean smaller and cheaper body, as D3100 compared to D90:
D3100 124 x 96 x 75 mm (4.9 x 3.8 x 3 in) 505 g $699(w/lens, Amazon.com)
D90 132 x 103 x 77 mm (5.2 x 4.1 x 3 in) 703 g $856(body only, Amazon.com)

If Nikon could provide D800 with AF motor(type-I) and without AF motor(type-II) options, in my opinion, most of new users would buy the type-II with similar features of D3100 and Full-Frame sensor on it. As for price of D800 type-II, would $1500 ~ $1800 be realistic?

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