E-PL1 Questions from a Nikon DSLR user

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Re: E-PL1 Questions from a Nikon DSLR user

I had many Nikons over the years with heavy lenses. They stayed home most of the time and I didn't look forward to lugging around a 40lb backpack + tripod when hiking.

I did a lot of research and decided on the E-PL1. I also looked seriously at the Olympus E-620 and the Panasonic DF1.

Image quality on the E-PL1 is top-knotch, even with the kit lens. I agree with the others that the prime lenses (Panasonic 20mm and Olympus 17) are better for IQ. I plan to add some better lenses in the future.

My brother who is a new photo enthusiast is using a Nikon D90 with SB-60 (I think), flash cord (SC-17?) 60 2.8 micro, 18-70 -- wants to get a 300 2.8 AFD VR. He will be sick of lugging around the weight also. The E-PL1 photos are just as sharp as the D90 and I think that the Auto Gradation with the E-PL1 gives it an edge on highlight and shadow detail.

As many sau, the best camera is the one you will carry with you.

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