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Jimmy, my experience.

I experienced what you've explained too. Getting an acceptable print was extremely frustrating. I had a great teacher, the wonderful German nature photographer Fritz Pölking. Sadly, he passed away some two years ago. I learned to enjoy digital photography with his aid.

But what helped me most with digital processing and PRINTING in recent times were the tutorials from Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe at luminous-landscape. Especially the tutorial "From Camera to Print" was eye-opening. Since following their suggestions, my prints are very close to the images on my monitor - they'll never be identical.

I've also come to like matt papers, especially various Hahnemühle (despite the cost). I also stick to Canon inks and use the Hahnemühle icc profiles for my Canon i9950 printer. by the way, I've never been happy with the glossy Canon papers. Maybe some find them fine, I don't - far too contrasty.

I strongly suggest to invest in that tutorial. Pay via credit card, download in a few minutes and enjoy hours of interesting explanations a entertainment.

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