Any reason to use All Erase instead of Format?

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Re: Any reason to use All Erase instead of Format?

Isabel Cutler wrote:

I like to format my cards after every upload to the computer.
Why would one want to use All Erase instead of Format?

On flash media, to preserve the media life, the functional difference between "format" and "erase all" is (simplistically) that format erases the FAT table completely and recreates it while erase all deletes the entries from the FAT table one at a time. Neither actually deletes the data on the media, it simply makes the space the data consumes available for re-use.

The only reason to use erase all rather than format is if your shooting methodology is to shoot for a while, then walk through what's in the camera in a review pass and mark the keepers with the "protect" flag. Then, if you run short of room and have nowhere to copy the files to, you can use erase all and erase all but the protected images.

I've used this on a longish trip when I didn't have access to storage tank or computer to download image files to, but i mostly just format after I've downloaded the images.

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