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Re: staples is a gimmick

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

read the fine print very very very carefully regarding staples rewards. They keep reducing their program. it was once good now it's just a flipping joke.

On the carts it's now 5 a month max, at $2 per. But if you don't 'earn' $10 in a rewards in a month you get nothing . The carts are handled differently than their regular rewards program for buying stuff there - that one you have to earn $10/quarter or you get nothing . Quite a ripoff actually - if you knew the older program where you'd get a reward as long as it was above $1 for the year. I got money back all the time - now, nothing in 2 years and I'm buying more now than ever.

I'm saving up my carts to turn in 5 at one time to be sure I get the reward!
If I knew how to take a good picture I'd do it every time.

Why wait - apparently you didn't read the fine print very, very very carefully enough!

I just went o their web page and found this

"You can recycle ANY ink or toner cartridges, up to 10 per calendar month per customer and receive $2 back in Staples Rewards per cartridge. We will recycle additional cartridges but Rewards will only be issued for 10 per calendar month per customer. Your Ink Recycling Reward will arrive each month, separately from your other benefits. Limit one Staples Rewards account per address."

Still, $2 each, no minimum per month, although the earned recycling reward $ DOES HAVE an EXPIRATION DATE of I believe 2 months. So, even if you save up and batch your carts, you will only have 2 months to spend it.

I usually buy a new cart pretty much as soon as I get the rewards email.


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