Pextax K10 and Panasonic GF1 colors and focusing

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Pextax K10 and Panasonic GF1 colors and focusing

Hello Forum,

I got a dilemma that proberly is due to my own lack of expirence with photography.

I got a Pentax K10 SLR and a few lenses from Tamron (the 28-300 mm) the Pentax DA 16-50 mm and a Sigma 10-20 mm.

In most cases I use the Tamron lens due to it's whide zoom range.

Lately, a relative got a Panasonic GF1 camera, and here comes my problem:

When I use my Pentax in general, I think that the overall colors are more dull where the colors on the GF 1 are extremely vibrent and nice looking.

Another problem with the Pentax is that I think it's focusing system are extremely slow compared to the GF1.

The other day we were at a motor cycle show where wanted to take pictures of the pasing bikes (not a race just a show where the bikes drove by) using my K10 with the Tamron 28-300 mm lens.

The problem was that the bikes always had passed me before the camera and lens would tale the picture, proberly due to the focusing time or other automatic adjustments.

The colors on the pictures were not that vibrent, as I would think that the GF1 would give me.
P.S I used the automatic "green mode" on the camera.

I understand that my mail here is very subjective to my own personal view, but do I opreate my K10 wrong or do cameras like a GF1 simply process the pictures in a more colorfull way where a K10 simply gives you the raw picture information for yourself to process it?

Also, is the slow focusing time on a K10 a known problem, and could it be because of the tamron lens that focus takes so long time?

I would be very greatefull to hear your oppinion.


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