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Glad to see someone knows where I'm coming from...

sean000 wrote:

I don't think I would want the GF1 to be any lighter or smaller. It's a nice size for me. Definitely more portable than my DSLR, but not so small that I hate using it.

Yep. I feel like the GF1 could slim down a bit more, but not a lot. Like what Sony's done with optimizing the space between the back of the LCD and the lens mount. I think if the GF1 shrunk in that dimension it would make it even more pocketable. If they shrunk it "around" the battery, they could leave a nice grip. In any case, the GF1 still has a pretty "just right" size to it for me.

The things I would miss about owning the DSLR gear mostly have to do with professional shooting or types of shots I don't take very often: The convenience of fast f/2.8 standard and telephoto zooms, being able to control the output of multiple off-camera flashguns, etc.

Absolutely. Being able to shoot with f/2.8 zooms and still have great DoF control on the shallow side is fantastic, especially for event work where you need the flexibility of a zoom for the situations you find yourself, the speed needed to "get the shot" in some all while maintaining a good amount of separation with your subject, even at moderate distances. There's no doubt that FF is a really powerful tool for some kinds of work.

I will also use my D200 and pro lenses in harsher conditions than I would my m4/3 gear, but I don't need to shoot in the rain that often.

Yep. The times I've used my D700 over the past year outside my pro work has been in rain/snow.

Same goes for sports. I just don't shoot a lot of action, but when I do I appreciate having a camera that can keep up. Then again for most of the "action" shots I take, like my nieces playing soccer or our dogs running around, the GF1 does just fine.

I'm definitely a little concerned that as Al gets older I'll regret not having a camera with a competent continuous focusing mode. As much as I love the GF1, I think its AF-C mode is pretty pathetic when it comes to action shooting. Al's running around a lot and so far I'm able to keep up with him pretty well with the GF1 just by being smart about focusing - moving with him once focus is locked, etc.

My wife and other friends/family would much rather use the GF1 as well. Even when I set my D200 up so someone just needs to point & shoot, it still intimidates them.

Yep, same here. My wife shoots a lot more now with the GF1 in the house than she did with the D50, and certainly the D700 (although she was very familiar using the D700 since she'd help me on shoots).

So I plan to keep my D200, but thin out my DSLR gear. I have a lot of redundancy, but that's because I've needed backup gear when I shoot a gig. Right now I'm not advertising my services and may not do so for a long time...so I'm thinking about selling some of it so I can get an ultrawide for the GF1. The two systems also compliment each other very well. I love using my Nikon 50mm and Tamron 90mm f/2.8 on the GF1 for portraits, and I like to use the GF1 as an additional camera when I'm shooting with my Nikon. I can keep a telephoto on the D200 and wear the GF1 with the 20mm around my neck. Of course then I really look like a camera dork

Sounds like a smart approach. It will be interesting to see if I can really make the break - I've thought about getting rid of the D700 before but talked myself out of it! If I'm going to have a dSLR, there's no doubt I'd want it to be FF, so financially just hanging on to the D700 probably makes the most sense. If someone down the line comes out with a significantly more portable FF, well....

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