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Guy Parsons
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Re the LX3 comment.....

snegron wrote:

I really like my LX3, but I find it to be a bit slow.

Now that is what I don't find, my LX3 seems quick enough either shot to shot or focus time etc is all good. On the other hand my E-PL1 with Oly 11-22mm lens via adapter can take for ages to find focus especially in low light.

My LX3 uses a Class 6 card that tests at Class 10, I usually shoot jpeg but last holiday was jpeg plus RAW and didn't notice any delays, except when turning off the camera, as it waited until the RAW was written before shutting down, added a second or so to shutdown but not a problem at all.

I use P mode maybe 90%, A mode maybe 9.5%, M mode maybe 0.5% with foreign flashes.

Focus is 1 area centre, never use face recognition or iA mode or scene modes which do slow things down. Focus is slow if in macro mode but that's normal.

I use 2 second auto review after shot but can reshoot any time as no need to wait for review to finish or for RAW to finish writing.

I do maintain some ratty pages on LX3 that may be of interest http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~parsog/panasonic/01-intro.html

All in all I find it the fastest camera that I have ever used.

Meanwhile if considering E-PL1 it is a must to figure in the cost of the VF-2 electronic viewfinder as the LCD is hopeless in sunlight.

Regards............... Guy

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