Will other hi res cameras produce 3D effect?

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Re: Will other hi res cameras produce 3D effect?

Lots of good thoughts offered. Many of these are I think components of the "Foveon Effect", "3D Look", "Verisimilitude", etc. The technical explanations for the most part cover the "infrastructure" for want of a better term. Not all people perceive a unique quality side by side vs. other technologies. And IMHO not all Sigma photos equally demonstrate whatever unique qualities may arguably be attributed to a Sigma image.

In short, for a given x-y count of photodetector sites (in other words, without the fratricide inducing X3 Sigma math) an image from a 4.7mp Sigma Foveon camera may look comparable (some would say superior) to an image from a 10mp CFA camera - glass, illumination, technique being similar. A big part again IMHO is the sharpness or detail at color boundaries. If one successfully exploits that capability, for instance, a sharp colorful subject against a less distinct and contrasting or subdued background, the subject seems to some to lift itself out from the background, even though displayed in only 2 dimensions. There are doubtless, countless other examples. Partly a different and in the eyes of advocates (myself included) a "superior", for many purposes, technology. Significantly dependent upon how the photographer uses it.

Can other technologies produce a similar result? I think so - but as at least one previous post suggests, best accomplished by an image from significantly higher MP count CFA camera, properly downsized to similar viewing size alongside the Foveon image.



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