E-PL1 Questions from a Nikon DSLR user

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Re: I tried the E-PL1 today

snegron wrote:

I went to Best Buy and tried the E-PL1 today. Ironically, the salesperson wanted to sell me a Nikon DSLR! I politely informed him that I was there to try the E-PL1, but he was pretty persistant.

Heh. Since you already own Nikon DSLRs, maybe he had you pegged?

Anyway, I got to play around a bit with the E-PL1 finally. It was a bit larger (and lighter) than I expected. My impression was that in terms of speed (from the time I press the shutter release button to the time it captures the image) it felt pretty much the same as my LX3. The kit lens was longer and larger than I thought it would be. The battery went dead halfway through my testing, so I couldn't play around with all of its features. Also, the salesman was starting to get on my nerves.

Bummer. The battery probably lasts a long time, so it's unfortunate you got there when it needed a recharge. I think my GF1 battery lasts as long as the batteries for my DSLRs. On the speed thing: As Sam said this E-PL1 probably didn't have the latest firmware, but I would bet the GF1 will feel snappier to you anyway. I never feel like I'm waiting on it.

The GF1 will also seem larger than expected...and probably just as heavy as you expect. It's a lot like an LX3 on steroids. The interface is similar to my old LX2, but with some improvements that make it pretty fast to change just about any setting.

I would love to try the GF1, unfortunately Best Buy doesn't carry it so I might not get the chance. I really like the idea of getting a M4/3 camera, but I think I will have to do more research (and wait until I have more cash) before I buy into it.

Perhaps by the time you are ready to buy one there will be even more options. Panasonic is expected to release a GF2 in 2011, and 2011 will bring more mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras in general. Maybe even something from Nikon.

I sold my LX2 and a couple of Nikon lenses that would have been redundant to get my GF1 kit. I still have far more DSLR kit than m4/3, but I'm thinking about selling a another Nikon lens so I can get another m4/3 lens. It's nice that I can at least use my Nikon lenses on the GF1 with an adapter, but of course the field of view is a lot tighter.


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