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I have trekked several times in Nepal, though only once in the Everest Base Camp trek- unfortuantely my wife got sick and we had to return early, but after having travelled for a month through Tibet, we still had a great trip. On the base camp trek I left behind my 10-20 and took my 17-85 and 70-300 (we were carrying all our own gear). I did find that the telephoto was quite handy for picking out details and compressing the landscape (which can add drama to the photos). I think the 15-85 would be an excellent lens for this trip, otherwise a 18-200 (or similar). The 15-85 is wide enough to cover most needs and from revieiws I've seen the image quality is pretty good. Image stabilisation is very important - with lack of oxygen you breathe a lot harder so holding the camera still is more difficult than at sea level. As said in another post, when really needed a mani wall or your backpack can substitute as a tripod.

An SLR (with live view turned off) will have much better battery life than a P&S. I had a 350D with seven batteries, but due to turning back early had plenty of spare batteries. Some lodges at Namche have power sockets, so if you had your charger, you could charge without paying extra. My guess is to take minimum 3 batteries with a 550D, preferably 4. In Tibet at 5000m I still managed OK with batteries ..... though it does depend on how much pre breakfast shooting you do ..... during the day, there is sufficient sun, that the temperature is quite pleasant.

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