E-PL1 Questions from a Nikon DSLR user

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From a Nikon user

that also happens to have a D5000 AND the PL1. First and foremost as I've seen so much whining over the months since the PL1's release regarding it's lack of speed and such, I can say that if one were attempting to buy one with the intent of shooting fast moving subjects, be they brats, animals or jet aircraft they should perhaps look elsewhere. If their intent is to shoot reasonably static subjects and landscape look NO further. It will render the sweetest large prints ANY of the current offerings of m4/3 cameras can or will with the exception of perhaps the GH-1 Panasonic. I trusted the PL1 and a grouping of nice m4/3rd lenses on my last vacation to the Northwest and I must say it really impressed me. The color quality and low noise of the output of this camera is more than I expected. The 13x19 prints are virtual equals to most if not just many of those taken from a D300 and D700 I used prior. My D700 is getting real lonely as the PL1 is just so fun and easy to use for my outdoor and indoor shooting these days. A 20mm f1.7 does some amazing stuff indoors with NO flash needed, and the 14-140OIS or 45-200OIS do the trick for the extra reach stuff. The 14-140OIS by the way on a PL1 with continuous focus enabled tracks as well as my Sony camcorder for focus which really surprised me. So the bottom line for ME is it made the most sense to get a PL1. I tried a GF-1 and sent it back. I prefer the feel of the grip on the PL1 as well as the OOC Jpegs and built in image stabilization. If fast moving subjects is your thing, frankly I wouldn't even go anywhere else BUT with a Panasonic GH-1 at this point. Otherwise the PL1 will fit the bill.

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