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Re: I'm not just talking about AF...

fermy wrote:

The place I found the E-PL1 to be problematic is where either you or your subject is moving and you need to be able to track with that movement.

Right. I didn't realy try focus tracking myself, but I've read plenty of comments from other users that all are saying pretty much the same thing "focus tracking is unusable" to not even try.

Argh! Okay, sorry... shouldn't use the word "tracking" since it also means different things to different users. I'm not talking of a feature of the camera, I mean that as my subject moves, I move as well. "Action" to me is much faster - you may have to "track" a crawling baby, but that's not what I would call "action". I don't use AF-C at all, I just refocus if I think the shot is being pulled out of focus.

I often go between shooting indoors and outdoors, and removing and replacing an ND filter just isn't going to happen. I take my GF1 everywhere, usually sitting on my hip in a holster - I don't have a bag with me unless I'm out specifically to shoot. Again, since the GF1 gives me both a real ISO 100 and a 1/4000th shutter speed, it its just better suited to me in this regard.

Sure, one can easily come up with scenario where 1 extra stop of shutter speed is useful and I would rather have that stop than not. However, when this is presented as a major advantage/disadvantage, I am incredulous since it's very straightforward to deal with.

The difference between ISO 100 and 1/4000th and ISO 200 and 1/2000th is actually 2 stops . All I can say is I found it in practice to be problematic. It's especially painful since MFT as a format is already pretty poor in the DR department.

You are right that it's "easy" to deal with, but even as a very experienced photographer I don't feel like it's a limitation I'm willing to accept in my gear. For people just using the kit lens, it's not going to be that big of a deal. But if you're going to be using fast glass, I definitely think it's something to keep in mind.

Coming back to the original discussion, I think we can agree that if Face detect + AF tracking are important, then E-PL1 is not the best camera. However, when you stick to single frame AF, the performance is good enough.

I'll take your word for it. I'm such a Face Detect junky that I honestly just don't remember the performance improving dramatically - but I may not have played around with it enough to tell. Typically if I'm using Single Point AF I'm doing close-up shots of inanimate objects, where the performance "problem" wouldn't really be as apparent to begin with.

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