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Re: I'm not just talking about AF...

LOL. You don't even own E-PL1, yet write with total conviction as if camera is in your possession right now. Having owned a camera for a couple of days does not make you an expert on it.

Sam Bennett wrote:

First off, the performance I'm referring to is not AF performance. The jerkiness of the Live View demonstrated in that video has nothing to do with the lens - it has to do with the stability of the Live View output, which is less stable on the E-PL1 than on the GF1. As E-PL1 owners have pointed out, it's something you can minimize somewhat by only using certain focus modes.

Jerkiness in liveview? Just drop this nonsense. You tried to use face detection and continuous AF, something I doubt many E-PL1 users would do. Stick to Single AF and liveview is very fluid, there is no lag whatsoever. So you can eliminate it completely, not "minimize somewhat".

The shot-to-shot performance, likewise, has nothing to do with the lens - that's just the viewfinder blackout speed, which is not very good on the E-PL1 regardless of the settings you choose.

The shot to shot performance is very decent if you are using continuous drive instead of single shot. This is not an action camera by any stretch of imagination, but you can get an action shot if you need it. GF-1, btw is not an action camera either.

It seems like a lot of people want to chalk up the E-PL1's performance problems to AF, but that's not the whole story. In fact, even with the pre-firmware update I didn't find the AF to be extremely problematic in of itself - my gripe was always the sum total of a variety of performance issues.

Another weird comment. AF speed was a major problem before firmware update. Your gripe was that you preferred GF-1 and shipped E-PL1 back instead of learning the camera. Which is fine, because if GF-1 works better for your right from the start, there is no reason why you should force yourself to love E-PL1. However, all your complaints remind me a bit another user who found E-PL1 maximum shutter speed of 1/2000 to be "a major PITA".

Second, the 20mm is not a magic bullet for the E-PL1's ability to focus in low light. Certainly it helps and will give you better results than the kit lens, but if you're focusing in truly low light the E-PL1 will poop out regardless - that's where the GF1's AF assist lamp can really save the day.

Shrug. E-PL1 with 20mm never pooped on me. So I don't know what "truly low light" you are talking about. Dark basement with no light? Essentially, 20mm has no problems to AF when the exposure is f1.7 1/10 @ ISO 3200 with -1EV underexposure. I certainly doubt that GF-1 is very useful at such light levels.

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