E-PL1 Questions from a Nikon DSLR user

Started Sep 7, 2010 | Discussions thread
TrapperJohn Forum Pro • Posts: 16,488
Consider EP1, it's cheaper

There are a few new old stock units floating around out there at very attractive prices.

Big advantage of the EP1 is the two thumbwheels, nice if you do manual exposure or even aperture mode. Having that long skinny thumbwheel right by your thumb is handy, even if the 2nd thumbwheel is not easy to use, it's mounted around the mode/navigate button, and it's easy to inadvertenly press that button while spinning the little ring. However, most of my thumbhweel use can be accomplished with the larger wheel.

Downside of the EP1 is you can't add the EVF.

The slow focus is related to the cheap kit lens. With a good CDAF enabled lens and the latest firmware update, the EP1 is a decent focuser. Not on the level of, say, a D300, but fast enough that it's not an impediment.

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