Is this dust on the sensor?

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When did the "it should not be done too often" part come in? I missed that one. And keeping the sensor clean is what you're doing when cleaning. Newer camera sensors have fairly efficient built-in cleaning systems, reducing the need for cleaning, but you aren't likely to wear out the sensor by brushing it off too often. I also doubt wet cleaning will harm it, unless you're using the wrong cleaning fluid.

Sorry. Should have been more clear. What is frequently said on these sensor-cleaning sites (and there appear to be dozens of them) is that since touching the sensor is a risky business in itself it should not be done more frequently than absolutely necessary, as illustrated by this quote:

"You do not want to clean the sensor any more frequently than absolutely necessary. You have a finite amount of luck. Don't use it up too fast."
( )

And how frequently depends on the camera,

My k10 needed cleaning every 6-8weeks.

My k20d has been cleaned twice in 2.5 years.

Whether you can "wear out" a sensor by overzealous cleaning before the camera dies from natural causes is another matter. No doubt you can if you use the wrong equipment or brutal methods, but that is not the issue here.

I guess I've had my K20D two years. It's been cleaned twice, but that's only because I check it periodically with the Visible Dust sensor loupe--gotta use it: my wife gave it to me. It gives 7X magnification and has LEDs on the loupe sides underneath the lens. Clear isn't the word!

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