First real image of NX100!!!

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Re: Looks like plastic ...Black might look better

zoranT wrote:

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Hope it is more solid than it seems ...

I'd say it might be metal with the plastic covering. It might be plastic but I'm not sure that would go down very well.

Don't like the style much it's too bulbous where you hold it and no real grip either.

I'm sticking to my comments some time ago, ala Samsung have a lot of potential but I don't think they are going to do very well in this market. They really need to try to stand out v rivals..and I'm not convinced their sensor is as good as Sony's. Saying that I can't stand the NEX it could have been good if Sony actually designed it with decent handling in mind, it's a menu dive nightmare.

it s not a nightmare, you can get used to it, still I wish a mix from NX10 and NEX were reality

Never fear. There is too much angst about just how good it is. The NX100 will take adapters as well. And both are good enough and that is all they need.

I am sure that Samsung were not going to bet the farm with big initial production but rather chose to test market a few types first. They have had their whiskers burned a couple of times with earlier forays into the higher level cameras. I guess it makes sense to make limited quantities that then can easily sell without too much promotion. Once they judge the markets they will turn on the big mill and get the supercharger working.

I can see where they are at - the NX and EX are just test marketing - once they see what the market wants then the next models will be more market focussed. However please don't give us a NEX clone Mr Samsung.

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