Sharp bokeh?

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Re: Toermalijn, the point is ...

I am not so sure about that. Alien skin claims that it mimics high end nikon and canon lenses for the bokeh features. So, in real life you could get the same shallow bokeh with these lenses... True 150 dollars is still cheaper then thousands of dollars for the real deal...

Lamarz wrote:
That software can do bokeh better.

As to cost, bought the Suite on sale, so cost per plugin wasn't bad, much less than alien's package.

I'll dl the alien brokeh2 demo just to see if I can see a difference. And the Snap Art, that looks interesting.


Toermalijn wrote:

Lamarz wrote:

1 hour, slow server, start at bed time and view in morning.

He recommends shooting at f8, sometimes f11, and create brokeh with software.

I am learning the onone suite, especially the Focus, and loving it.


Ehmm, to be honest i think that alien skins' bokeh is better then oneOne bokeh software, much more natural look, like really shooting with a high end lens. I also think the plug-ins are too expensive for what they do...

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