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Re: This is my video, by the way...

snegron wrote:

Thanks posting the video! The impression I got from the video was that it was a pretty fast, responsive camera!

I guess what your frame of reference is. Mine is a long series of dSLRs, including 1 Series Canons and most recently the D700 (which I still own). I already had the GF1 for a few months at that point.

I'm curious though, why did you send it back?

It was a number of things. First off, in all honesty, money was kind of tight around that period and so as a good gesture to my wife, I made the sacrifice to return the E-PL1. Second, I just didn't enjoy shooting with the E-PL1 as much as I did with the GF1.

While others have suggested switching of Face Detect AF to speed things up (which does help a bit, I found out later) I personally love shooting with the Face Detect for portraiture. It allows me so much more freedom in the sorts of angles I shoot at, being able to quickly reframe for optimal composition without having to fuss with the AF point, etc. It works very well on the GF1, and at no cost to shooting speed.

I was hoping to keep the E-PL1 around so I could get familiar with the Olympus system. I really love the flexibility of their Custom Settings, the JPEG output was great, the Art Filters are a lot of fun, having IBIS with 3rd party glass was nice, etc. But at the end of the day, if I feel that a camera is getting in the way of capturing the images I want, it doesn't make a lot of sense keeping it around.

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