Got the LX5 and the NX10.... both will go back

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Re: Got the LX5 and the NX10.... both will go back

ncsakany wrote:

LX5 pros when compared to the EX1
+ Real aspect ratio along the circle of view of the lens

EX1 cons when compared to the LX5

  • Aspect ratio is achieved by cropping the image, not by following the lens' circle of view

ncsakany, would you please elaborate on multi-aspect done by picture cropping and lens FOV. The LX5 has “Aspect-ratio bracket”. Though it has an aspect-ratios switch, it takes four separate pictures (one per ea. ratio) in one shot. How it’s done in LX5 and EX1?

I know that TZ8 has14.5MP sensor. Using only about a 12.1MP makes it possible to give all 3 aspect ratios — 16:9, 3:2, and 4:3 — the same angle of view with lens settings from 25mm to 300mm. Part of sensor simple is not used for smaller A.R. No need to crop.

I also like LEX1 voice. It is nice to play back slideshow with your own voice annotations. Many cameras have voice memo attachment but none can play it back, so what is the reason to have it? Does the EX1 plays voce memo along with slides on TV? Thanks for good test.

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