E-PL1 Questions from a Nikon DSLR user

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Re: E-PL1 Questions from a Nikon DSLR user

ttan98 wrote:

When you mean slow you mean sequential shots I presume. If you want fast in between shots then E-PL1 is really NOT for you, it rather slow compared to GF1.

If you want to get a good idea how each camera handle in between shots then go to Youtube search under E-PL1 or GF1 it has a video comparing the 2 cameras for the speed in between shots. The tester returned the E-PL1.

I own E-PL1 and LX3, the latter feels a little faster.

I guess it's all a compromise in one way or another. I have even been considering the idea of getting a newer Nikon D3100, but I feel it would be just as bulky as my D200 (probably smaller and lighter, but not as much as the E-PL1 would be). I like the size of my LX3, but it is slow. From frame to frame it seems to take an eternity. Also, locking on focus and snapping the picture seems to take a long time as well.

I am willing to compromise a bit of IQ (some dynamic range as well) for size. Speed is what will make or break the deal for me. If the E-PL1 is slower than my LX3, then I won't bother to get one.

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