D700-D3(S) (X) too good to be true?

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Re: thafuzz

thafuzz wrote:

1349$ for a D3s, obviously there is something wrong with this one...

I seriously wonder how many actually try to buy from a place like this. In particular high priced items like slr cameras. Did anyone ever come onto this forum after having gotten burned (or sucess?)?? Does a site like this scam everyday and get away with it or will it disappear sooner then later? It is fishy to the point of being a blatant joke.

You are so right. The thing is there are people who fall for this, the Nigerian scam and the countless others. For instance, I was in the bank not to long ago and a young couple were at the teller window and were being advised by the teller and then the manager not to deposit a large sum of money cashiers check. I got the 411 from the teller. When they presented the check to deposit into their account, the teller said as soon as she saw the bank name on the check and the country where it was located she knew immediately it was the email scam. Cash the check than wire an amount out of it to the person on the other end and as a courtesy they keep the difference, you have seen that one. The couple were told that if they cashed it and it bounced it would be their loss. They were both in a daze and kept asking are you sure, anything not to face what they got into. The teller could not elaborate but they may have sent money or their personal info to the scammer. Finally the bank manager said they should bring the check to the police. Weird thing is if they wanted they could have deposited the check fortunately they got a sharp teller. To sum up to the poster, hang your head in shame for even suggesting it looks legit, needing others to tell you to not get greedy.

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